our services

Integrated, creative strategies

We provide creative, 360-degree services which recognise the individuality of each client. Using a wealth of exclusive in-house resources which command outstanding results, we rise to the challenge, have a sharp eye for detail and activate campaigns with a personal, hands-on approach.

Strategy & Consulting

Our communications strategies are designed with perspective, industry insight, media intelligence and consumer research in mind.

We understand the communications landscape, and offer holistic insider advice to ensure all operations are geared towards commercial success. From product innovation and guest experience, to operations and brand positioning, our daily consultancy advises each of our clients how to make an impact in the market.

We ensure a multi-layered approach, a prolonged sustenance plan and flexibility to adapt to ensure maximum engagement at all times. Our integrated communications are creative, intuitive, honest and sharp – adopting a bespoke direction with each individual client. With decades of communications and marketing experience, all our strategies have commercial success at the core. Aside to all the fun stuff, we are also highly experienced in developing Crisis Communications strategies and are able to provide the best advice and plan of action, should a crisis ever occur.

Marketing Strategy & Market Insight

Our team has in-depth experience with operating businesses in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand, where we bring our strategic integrated marketing approach to drive commercial results. We also work with on-ground partners in Mainland China, Australia, US and UK to enable a global reach with local knowledge.

We provide consultancy services for businesses looking to expand their footprint within our operating regions and share valuable insight into the nuances of each market, and tactics to achieve significant cut-through with your audience.

Content Services

From developing ROI-driven digital and social media advertising campaigns, to SEO-friendly content curation to drive organic traffic to your brand’s website, V&V recognise the importance of digital in today’s world. Take a look at our sister company, The Soothe where you get a feel for our love of quality content, intergrated communcations and how we can drill down into verticals we are passionate about.

We take time to understand who your audience is – or who it should be – to ensure we are targeting the right readers with best-in-class content that drives engagement and conversion. We provide full analytics for every campaign, so you can understand the ROI of our work.

Premium PR

The public relations and media industry is constantly evolving, requiring a nimble and dynamic approach.

Marrying solid narratives and stories with our second-to-none relationships with leading journalists, we focus on securing high-quality, well-thought out media coverage across the region’s leading digital and print mediums.

Focusing on quality over quantity, we selectively work with the right outlets for your brand to ensure we are effectively communicating your unique brand message to the right audiences.

Social Media Management & Influencer Marketing

Our expert Social Media gurus come armed with the highest tech tools, tactics and analytic resources to ensure powerful, unique content and a meaningful, authoritative message, adding significant value to our campaigns and ensuring a consistent message across all consumer touchpoints.

Our influencer campaigns involve identifying appropriate targets, devising mutually beneficial agreements and creating aspirational content. We leverage relationships with those who are at the helm of their field, have a credible, cultural influence and command a bold presence amongst their audience.


With a team of passionate, connected individuals on the ground across Singapore and Hong Kong, V&V are true ambassadors for your brand. We will leverage our connections with the on and off-trade partners, tastemakers, and influencers to create immersive branded experiences and oroignal content to drive engagement with media and consumers alike.

From pop-up whimiscal garden terraces and fun food trucks to partnering with NGO’s to discover new marine species, we ensure our campaigns are thought provoking and impactful.