Expert-led PR education and impact for small businesses

Over the last 10 years, V&V has worked with a plethora of start-up and highly-acclaimed international brands on both small and large scale successful media campaigns in Singapore and beyond. Today, they specialise in expert-led PR mentoring and education — advising small, thoughtful brands on how to bring themselves to the forefront of the media world in Singapore.

Bespoke, expert-led PR mentoring and education for all industries, from small hotels to tech start-ups

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PR education and mentorship for small businesses and entrepreneurs

We recognise the individuality of our clients and students and use our wealth of expertise to educate and coach to get the results that you need.

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Supporting pioneering authentic local and global brands

Our past portfolio comprises some of the world’s most innovative brands. From launching disruptive food tech companies that change the way we eat, to ensuring travel and hospitality companies’ CEOs are positioned as thought leaders, we represented dynamic, authentic clients that shape global conversation.

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