Soak in Rejuvenating Onsens & Partake in the Japanese Art of Dining on the Onsen Gastronomy Tours with Walk Japan

If you’ve been to Japan a few times now and are used to the usual sights and sounds, there’s no better way to break away from routine than going on a walking tour that takes you off-the-beaten track and allows you to experience the Land of the Rising Sun through a new lens.

Walk Japan, pioneers of walking tours in Japan, renowned for providing guests with a unique and authentic experience of the country since 1992, have unveiled a brand new Onsen Gastronomy tour series. The tours seek to immerse travellers in the most distinctive aspects of Japanese culture: the ritual of bathing in onsens hot spring baths and savouring fresh seasonal delights.

The five-day, four-night long tours explore the charming Gifu & Nagano region of Honshu in central Japan in October, traversing across remote mountain ranges, deep valleys, high plateaus and remote villages; and the mesmerising Oita & Kumamoto region in Kyushu, Japan’s most westerly main island in November, known for its richly varied, rural landscapes, pristine rivers, seas, and high quality of food. Led by Walk Japan’s expert Tour Leaders, you will be able to leave urban sights behind you in favour of gorgeous scenery and historical towns.

Staying in local inns across your journey, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the traditional Japanese way of bathing almost always with your own onsen. Enjoyed over the millennia for their relaxing and restorative powers, onsens were used in Buddhism, which first arrived in Japan in 552 for purification rites. You will also be able to take part in the Japanese quintessential art of dining, and enjoy exceptional Japanese cuisine, regarded among the world’s finest for the quality of its seasonal ingredients, range of dishes, and sheer artistry of presentation.

Carefully curated by Walk Japan, the bespoke nature of the Onsen Gastronomy tours is guaranteed to take you on a rejuvenating epicurean journey across magnificent Japan. Several walking tours are also available throughout the year with itineraries that will take you far and beyond Japan’s city streets and common tourist destinations, where you will be able to explore rarely seen, unadulterated areas of the country.