Chinese New Year: Authentic Pineapple Tart Recipe

By Samantha Yeo

It’s almost time to reign in the year of the pig, and with Chinese New Year just around the corner, Singapore is brimming with colourful lanterns, dragons, and, of course, the perennial favourite – the Pineapple Tart.

These buttery, crumbly pastries are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea, and aren’t so difficult to make at all. If you’d like to try making some of these golden, sweet tarts yourself, here’s an easy-to-follow, authentic recipe passed down through the generations:


Pineapple Filling

1 packet of Premium Quality Ready-Made Pineapple Paste

1 packet of Reduced Sugar Pineapple Paste

2 cans of Canned Pineapple

Sugar (to taste)

1 Lemon (juiced)


1 ½ blocks of SCS Salted Butter

600g of Plain Flour

3 Egg Yolks

1 Beaten Egg Yolk (for egg wash)


Pineapple Paste

  1. Blend canned pineapples in a blender until smooth
  2. Heat wok on medium heat
  3. In wok, add both packets of pineapple paste, blended canned pineapples, and one can of juice from the canned pineapples
  4. Mix pineapple mixture in the heated wok until paste is smooth, add additional canned pineapple juice if the paste is too dry
  5. Taste the pineapple paste and adjust to the desired level of sweetness by adding sugar and lemon juice into the mixture
  6. Once satisfied, turn off the heat and allow the paste to cool

Pineapple Tarts:

  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius
  2. Add flour, butter and 3 egg yolks into a mixing bowl
  3. Mix ingredients together and knead until dough is formed
  4. Toss some flour on a board and roll out dough to ½ cm thickness
  5. Use pineapple tart mould to cut and shape the dough
  6. Arrange the cut dough onto a baking tray, and lightly brush with egg wash
  7. Take a teaspoon of the prepared pineapple paste and shape it into a ball
  8. Gently press each ball of pineapple paste on each piece of cut dough
  9. Roll the leftover dough into a thin pastry and cut 1cm long strips, placed on top of the pineapple paste to form a cross
  10. Egg wash the tarts again
  11. Place tray in oven and bake for 20 minutes
  12. Allow tarts to cool before storing in air-tight containers


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