7 Ways To Quit Skipping Your Workout

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Your guide to making exercise happen, featuring Rhyce Lein, GM of GuavaPass

We’ve all been there. We throw ourselves into a new exercise routine, full of good-intentions, goals  and  new sweat pants, only to find that the excitement wanes after just a few months – or weeks – of feeling inspired.

“It’s easy to get hooked on exercise, maintaining the interest is the hard part,” explains Rhyce Lein, General Manager at GuavaPass Singapore. “When people reach a certain level of fitness ability they can become complacent.”

He continues, “If you start to find your routine too easy then you risk giving up. It’s imperative that you continually push yourself to reach the next level. If you don’t keep your workouts exciting and challenging then you could lose momentum quickly.”

So how do you find sweating it out more appealing than staying on your sofa? Rhyce reveals all.

1. Plan a variety of exercises for the week ahead to stop boredom setting in. I recommend spending Sunday evenings doing Yin Yoga which is great for stretching and releasing tension. Check out Level’s Yin Yoga session here.

2. Program your digital devices to stop your desire to choose wine over weight training. Download BreakTime, an app designed to remind you to take time out. Programme it to shut you out of your devices during the periods when you’ve scheduled your workout. iOS, $6

3. Find an exercise buddy. You’re less likely to skip class if you’ve agreed to go with someone else. Just make sure you choose someone who’s not afraid to tell you to move your ass when you’re slacking off!

4. Immediately after your session, write down how your body and mind feels on the notes section of your phone. Pay attention to your glowing complexion, high energy, fresh outlook and calm mentality. Practically everything you feel after exercising is positive, so the next time you’re about to slack off, look at what you’ve written and you’ll feel inspired to go for it.

5. Set a fitness goal and attach a treat to it. For example, after completing a month’s worth of sessions book yourself in for a massage. Keep your treat in your mind when you feel like giving up.

6. Create a killer playlist. Music can help you push through those tough sessions, and apps like Spotify have great pre-set options. Also click here for Class 95FM DJ Simone Heng’s top workout tracks.

7. Use social media to keep you motivated. Post a pic of you on Instagram or Facebook as you make your way to class to provide you with you a boost to look back on. Not a selfie-type? Take a shot of the gorgeous view as you run, or the sun going down post-swim.

8. Don’t just focus on the physical side of exercise. Remind yourself of the overriding benefits of looking after your body – being healthier, happier, more alert, less stressed and living longer. Who doesn’t want all that?

Rhyce Lein

Rhyce Lein


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